The Haunted Ruins

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You and your fellow adventurers wander into the small village of Briar. You are tired from being on the road for weeks, but worse of all, you are almost broke. It has been a lean time for those with swords to be hired, and as you sit in the Angry Orc Tavern, you hear talk of the merchant and his problems. But also you hear more. Townsfolk also talk about rumors of the dead that walk in the ruins.

You hear that the merchant has had enough. In the past three months, he has had ve valuable shipments of goods intercepted by a rogue band of Goblins and Orcs working together out of an old ruined Castle on the other side of Smoke Wood. Fed up, he puts the word out that he has good gold for anyone who can help him stop this.

This sounds like something that might be right for the pickings. Nothing beats a good adventure, and better yet. Nothing beats it, when you are getting good gold for doing it. So, do you have the courage to step up and rid the Haunted Ruins of these pests? Or are your brave enough to enter into a possibly haunted death trap?